A downloadable Game Construction Set for Windows

Welcome to Game Blocks InDev!

Game Blocks is a Game Construction Set. This first release is basically just a level editor with just enough working parts to make basic platformer levels. We plan to expand with a lot more features if we get funded.


Click the New Game button to start. Game Blocks will ask you to name your game. You can go with the random suggested name or enter your own.

Once you have at least one game, you can edit or play the game. You can press play now, but without any level data the game won't let you start. Click the Edit button to edit your game.

On the right, the up and down arrows on the right panel of buttons changes the level you are editing. The plus and minus buttons add and subtract levels from the level list. The disk button saves the level (don't forget to save the level!). The file folder loads from the last save. Undo and Redo move back and forth in the list of changes you have made to the level. The play button tests the level. The X exists out of the editor.

On the top of the screen, the eraser button will allow you to erase blocks you have placed. The up and down buttons move between button panels (only one functional panel for now). Each of the other panel buttons selects an item or block to place. Hold down the left mouse button to "paint" the blocks in the level.

Left click on panel buttons to toggle them off and on. If no panel buttons are selected, you may click and hold the left mouse button to move already placed items.

The LuchaBoss enemy is on panel 3. Currently he can only be beaten if he falls in lava 3 times.

Make sure you have a start sign and exit (doorway) on each level, or players may need to quit to end the game. When playing, the game will take you to the next level when you press up on an exit. Using an exit on the last level ends the game. Beating a score on the high score screen will allow you to enter a new score.

To control the character use direction keys and z on the keyboard. If a controller is plugged in, use directional buttons and A on Xbox controllers or X on Playstation-style controllers. Start button or P key pauses the game.

F4 toggles full screen, but it's buggy and not recommended in this release. The Escape key exits out of menus and inescapable situations.

Please see the FAQ in the forum if you have questions. Please see release notes.txt or the devlog for detailed release version info.

Install instructions

The installer is the standard default Game Maker Studio 2 installer.


Game Blocks InDev Installer 0004.exe (39 MB)


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